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Lifeform Applications will develop the new Version of Voice Alerts

Good news dear users! Voice Alerts is now going to be developed by the Lifeform Applications' development team. That means that it won't be just Alex Corbi developing the new Version of the app,some experienced coders and friends that are part of this Berlin based development team are going to help write it as well. We hope we can release the new version as soon as possible to offer you the new features we are planning. Visit Lifeform Apps Website or stay tuned @lifeformapps.

Posted by Alex Corbi on 15, October at 18:12

Working on Voice Alerts 3.0 - Skipping minor releases to develop a refurbished App!

Hi There! First of all i have to apologize for being so "out" in the last months, i have dedicated my self to other projects which were consuming my time (you will hear something about them soon), since i am the only developer behind Voice Alerts i have discontinued the development of it and that is not fair for you, dear users.

I have to say thanks for the support of many of you guys, that have being sending emails with new ideas, improvement-suggestions and bug reportings. You guys seem to love Voice Alerts and that makes me a happy developer.

The thing is that, thanks to your emails, i have realized that Voice Alerts is actually a really nice idea but needs to be improved a lot. There are lots of Features that are still on the pipeline (Facebook, native twitter or calendar integration, more languages support…) that must be implemented and there are still some bugs/issues (Voice alerts deactivating itself,removing messages from the list,battery consumption,etc..) that need to be fixed for Voice Alerts to become a really kickass App.

So what i want to tell you, dear users, is to be a bit patient. I will prioritize the development of a new re-structured version of Voice Alerts, and more or less starting from scratch again to ensure that the App is now rock solid and it meets the quality considerations i have learnt in this last 3 years as mobile developer.

I am not able to tell a release date by now, but i will inform you here and on twitter ( @acorbi @voicealerts ) so you can stay tuned.

Thanks again for your patience, and of course!!!!! Send me some ideas/improvements you would like to see implemented in the new version of Voice Alerts, i will write them on the whiteboard!!!

Posted by Alex Corbi on 23, August at 20:45

Next update coming soon

Since i released the Version 2.0 of Voice Alerts many of you guys have written emails suggesting me some improvements, fixes and new ideas.Now i collected some of them and specified the roadmap for the next minor release that will contain following issues:

1. The volume will now be dependant from the ringer volume, so Voice Alerts will be configured to speak with the same volume as your ringtone does, with that, the volume setting will dissapear and it will be more practical.
2. A switch will be added to the settings screen to specify if Voice Alerts should be reactivated when you switch from Vibration or Silence mode to "Not Silenced". Till now, this is done automatically but i want to give the users the chance to configure it like that.
3. The time alerts will be improved, no more saying 2hours 0minutes, it will be a bit improved so the messages sound more "human".

So Stay Tuned!

Posted by Alex Corbi on 14, April 2011 at 08:00

The importance of the communication with the User

I have fixed a really annoying Bug that was making the App to force close each time a SMS was being received, this error was only happening to some users (some Smartphone models) which proves that on Android there is still a certain fragmentation. Thanks to a user (Vince) that collaborated testing and giving feedback about the updates i was releasing with the bugfixes i could resolve the issue really fast and keep offering the users a good functioning App.

So, if you find some bugs or something does not work as expected, please email me, i respond the emails relatively fast.

Posted by Alex Corbi on 28, March 2011 at 19:54

New Website

What a better way to celebrate the release of Voice Alerts version 2.0 than releasing also a new website, hope you like it here, and you discover a lot of new things about Voice Alerts.

Posted by Alex Corbi on 25, March 2011 at 15:40

Voice Alerts 2.0 is out!

Hi Friends!! Finally the new major Release of Voice Alerts is there!! You will notice that now the App has a new UI that allows you to do more with Voice Alerts: - The background Alerts (From now on called “Passive Alerts”) are still there and you can configure them clicking on the Settings icon, that works just like before, but i have tried to optimise it so the user experience is better while reading emails, sms, and other events out loud. - The new thing is the so called “Active Alerts”, Voice Alerts tracks the messages you receive (Email, SMS, Tweets) and allows you to read them out loud everytime… just click on an entry of the list and let it speak, to stop the alert, just shake the phone, so easy as that. I am preparing a new website but by the moment, if you have some questions, you find a bug or just want to suggest some improvements, please send me an email, i really appreciate your feedback.

Posted by Alex Corbi on 25, March 2011 at 15:32