Voice Alerts is now on the hands of the Lifeform Applications' development team. A new and refurbished version is currently being prepared with lots of new functionalities and support for the newest Android and tablet devices.

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Voice Alerts supports English, German, Spanish, French and Italian.

Perfect while Driving

Don't get distracted when you receive a text while driving, let Voice Alerts read it out loud.

Respects your Silence

If your ringer is set to silence or vibration, Voice Alerts is deactivated. Also you can configure the NIGHT MODE.

Shake to Stop

Don't want to listen to the alert anymore? Just shake your phone gently and the Alert stops.

Also Tweets

If you use Twidroyd, voice alerts will read the Tweets your receive.

Very Configurable

De/Activate when pluggin your headphones or Bluetooth headset, override tones, configure the volume of the alerts. Configure what to read from each message, the possibilities are unendless.

Voice Alerts

Your Android speaks to you when following events are triggered on your phone:

Your receive a call or a missed call from somebody, you can configure it to repeat the alert.
Your receive a sms, the most common abbreviations are recognised
Your receive an Email in your Gmail Account, you can configure what to read from each email.
Your receive a Twitter message (Direct messages, responses...)
The time changes, you can configure it to tell you the time each 15,30 or 60 minutes.
Your smartphone is running out of batteries, the batteries are full loaded.
You connect or disconnect to a Wifi network.
Your connection to the mobile network is lost.
Your smartphone is running out of memory.
An application has being installed or uninstalled.


Wow the first app I could try free that really works for txt to voice without network. Speaks caller name and txt message. Also tons more stuff!


love it!!! the voice isn't as robotic as others. AND i love the fact that it will play my ringtones along with the voice alert.